Spring is in the air: Ukrainian cosmetics brands

Ukrainian cosmetics brands

Spring is a time of renewal. And so, you need to remember to check your cosmetic bag and prepare for face and body care with new products. 

Ukrainian cosmetics brands are actively updating their lines and presenting new products. That is why we offer a beauty review from Woman magazine.

Marie Fresh Cosmetics

This brand specializes in professional skincare products: from daily care products that are personalized for each skin type to products that help maintain beauty, freshness, and tone.

“We try to help every girl and woman find their own unique and comprehensive approach to skin care,” says Marina Shanko, founder of the brand and cosmetologist.

Marie Fresh Cosmetics offers ready-made kits that can be a good solution for those who want to take care of a universal gift option.

Gift set “Naked Body Set”

This series allows you to feel tender, light and sexy. The body peeling is enriched with lactic and phytic acids, as well as a complex of enzymes that effectively cleanse the skin of dead skin cells and fatty impurities. The perfumed bridge for all skin types is formulated with a two-stage moisturizing system that instantly hydrates the skin and retains moisture throughout the day. The balanced formula of the butter emulsion helps moisturize and nourish the skin while removing flaking.

Marie Fresh Cosmetics: brands of Ukrainian cosmetics

Marie Fresh Cosmetics: brands of Ukrainian cosmetics

The composition of the set:

  • Body peeling SIN CLEANSER
  • SMELL OF DESIRE body bridge
  • PLEASURE GIVER body butter

The Ukrainian brand Mola cares about women by developing cosmetics exclusively from natural ingredients.

“We have a deep desire for our Ukrainian brand Mola to be known and appreciated by women around the world. And every day we are taking a step closer to achieving it: our products are already present in Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Estonia,” is the main value of the Mola brand.

Complex cosmetic set for daily facial skin care with vitamins C and E

This ideal comprehensive set of cosmetics is suitable for daily skin care for all skin types. It contains vitamins C and E, which are powerful anti-aging assets. Vitamin C protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and is involved in the synthesis of collagen.


Mola: brands of Ukrainian cosmetics

The composition of the set:

  • Face wash mousse with vitamin C (150 ml).
  • Antioxidant toner with vitamin C  (100 ml).
  • Day face cream with vitamin C and E (30 ml).
  • Night face cream with vitamin C and E (30 ml).
  • Face serum with vitamin C 5%  (30 ml).
  • Eye cream with vitamin C and E (15 ml).

Inspired by oriental aesthetics, the brand has transformed the traditional Japaneseinro box for small items into the famous style of its cosmetic line.

“Our products are based on the Clean Beauty concept, the main principles of which are safety and high efficiency, because every woman is definitely beautiful and unique, and our task is simply to emphasize this beauty, help her shine to her fullest potential and give her positive emotions,” says the INRO team about their brand.


For those who create and appreciate the coziness around them. Refined, luxurious, elegant.


The composition of the set: 

  • Perfumed liquid soap “DEMURE”
  • Perfumed hand and body cream “DEMURE”
  • Perfumed spray “DEMURE”
  • Парфумована свічка «DEMURE»
  • Парфумований аромадифузор «DEMURE»

Ukrainian natural cosmetics brand Natureal was founded in 2017 by two sisters.

Brand philosophy:

“We believe that beautiful skin is a reflection of holistic health. Our cosmetics are based on the purest and most powerful botanicals combined with cutting-edge science. Each of our formulas is designed to restore skin to its optimal state to maintain your natural beauty effortlessly.”


The FULL ROUTINE OILY SKIN SPRING system consists of five products adapted for comprehensive care for normal, oily and combination skin in the off-season and spring.


The composition of the set:

  • Gel for daily washing CENTELLA 
  • Тонізуюча есенція CENTELLA 
  • RITUAL face cream
  • Hydrophilic agent TWINSOUL 
  • Peeling FERMENT PEEL 
  • Moisturizing hand cream SOFT TOUCH 

Photo: Pexel, brand press offices

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