The musicians of the band “Antitila” are repairing trophy tanks


The popular band “Antitila” announced a fundraiser for  repair of trophy armored vehicles, acquired by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for reuse  use against the enemy.

Since 2014, volunteering has been an integral part of both the band’s life and our creativity, — musicians say, Today, our business continues in  activities of our charitable foundation,  providing the military front with vital things. All our resources in  the rear and  on  front lines are aimed only at  one  — the enemy must be destroyed!»

These are tanks, armored personnel carriers, BMPs, tractors, self-propelled artillery installations and  another technique that becomes on  the service of Ukrainian battalions and  brigade Since the number of units of such equipment is increasing, there is a need for  her  repair and  maintenance. The group’s fund has already restored more than 100 cars, one trophy MT-LB, two tank engines. Now musicians from  like-minded people take on  heavy equipment in  in large volumes. They called their project “Repair for the Armed Forces.”

Musicians are not  is called the final amount of the collection. After all, it is  permanent project. What  more will be collected, then  more tanks and  other equipment will be returned to  order.

We know that  in  in mid-December in  An exhibition of the “Antitila” band will take place in Lviv, where  collection items collected by the musicians over the course of 14 years of work will be presented, and  also trophies won at  war Some exhibits will be available for purchase. Proceeds will be directed to  needs of the Armed Forces. The musicians themselves remain soldiers of the 130th battalion of the TRO forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but  by  by order of Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhnyi no  go directly to  combat missions

Photo: press service of the band

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