Fitness trainer Yulia Khozyainova: “During the pandemic, my sports marathon was breaking records”

Fitness trainer Yulia Khozyainova: During the pandemic, my sports marathon was breaking records - 1 - изображение

The interview for Woman Magazine was given by fitness trainer, creator of slimness marathons and blogger Yulia Khozyainova. Yulia told how she started doing sports, losing weight during the quarantine, and also gave tips on how to transform her figure without strict dietary restrictions.

Julia, how and when did you fall in love with sports?

I’ve been playing sports all my conscious life. Professionally since the age of 7: first sambo, then athletics, arm wrestling and body fitness. Exercise cures, sports cripples. So since 2010, professional sports have been replaced by fitness, home workouts, and running.

How long ago and why did you decide to coach others?

I’ve been coaching since 2004, now in my 17th year. First I worked as a personal fitness trainer, and now in my third year it’s online marathons where thousands of girls are changing.

What has sport brought you besides physical changes?

When you are physically happy with yourself, it brings confidence, health and energy. Fitness is disciplining, engaging, energizing! But for me, fitness is a profession, and it gives me so much more than people who just exercise just for the sake of a figure. It’s self-actualization and doing things that are fun.

You’re on a slim course. Please tell us more about it, and what were the most striking changes in the contestants?

Oh, I could go on endlessly about this one. When it comes to results that were “wow” in kilograms, they were 55, 35, and 20 pounds!

But in reality, sometimes all a woman needs to do is minus a few pounds and it’s life changing. During the pandemic, my marathon was breaking records compared to other months. Most importantly, he saved many from depression, divorce, and apathy. We avoided unnecessary trips to the refrigerator, well, and, of course, saved ourselves from extra pounds.

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There is still a debate as to when is it better to exercise – morning, lunchtime or evening? What do you think about it?

The arguments are made by amateurs, and a coach will tell you that any workout you do is better than the one you missed. We have different schedules in life – work, home, kids. So, I’ll tell you that the most productive time is when you’re working out!

Julia, what about nutrition – how important is it to eat right when working out and is it possible to achieve results without changing your eating habits?

In fact, it’s #1 in shaping your figure. You can go to workouts every day, but if your diet doesn’t match the exertion, unfortunately, as in the song “and the smile will no doubt leave you no more”, only let’s replace the word “smile” with “fat”.

What should be the basic rules for healthy weight loss? Please give some helpful tips.

3 top tips that work immediately:

1. Eliminate “added sugar,” refined sugar from your diet. Look at the composition: there is sugar, fructose, glucose, maltodextreme, topinambour syrup, agave syrup – exclude the product. This rule does not apply to fruit.
2. Reduce over-salted foods (pickles, pickles, preserves, sourdough, cheese, pita bread and the like) to 50 grams per day.
3. Consume more protein. In my experience, it’s protein that is the problem for weight losers. Therefore, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, seafood, lentils in the diet are a must.

Is it necessary to give up alcohol during weight loss, or is the consumption of some types in moderate amounts acceptable?

The WHO finally wrote an article that there is no acceptable amount of alcohol that does not affect health. Alcohol is swelling. Alcohol inhibits protein synthesis, which means you’ll take longer to recover from your workout. Alcohol interferes with the breakdown of fat.

So, let’s during the weight loss process, eliminate. When you’re in perfect shape, give yourself permission to celebrate. Usually, though, you don’t want to spoil the result.

What kind of diet do you follow and what indulgences, how often, do you allow?

Relief is needed for those who keep themselves in line. My activity involves a nutrient dense diet. I eat whatever I like. Sweets, and junk food, I can afford, but I don’t like. So it’s like, I don’t like it, I don’t eat it. I can go to McDonald’s too, but I take something that won’t give me swelling, stomach cramps and discomfort later. There’s always a choice.

What do you think about the now popular interval fasting?

An unsubstantiated method. There’s no scientific evidence. It’s not the timing of meals that matters, but the total number of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates per day.

Julia, how did the quarantine affect your life, in general, and your work, in particular?

As noted above, I worked three times as hard for sure, as everyone wanted activity, socializing, and “not to bulk up and bloat.” So saved the country from apathy and increased their engagement online.

Fitness trainer Yulia Khozyainova: During the pandemic, my sports marathon was breaking records - 3 - изображение

How do you like to spend your free time, what is the best way for you to relax?

I have several hobbies: motorcycles, painting pictures by numbers. I also write poetry, and recently started writing a novel, Classmates.

And of course family and friends, I love it when they come to visit me. I love traveling. I have 37 countries on my list. Pandemic, unfortunately, prevented the ride last year. Hopefully we’ll make up for it in this one.

What is success in your definition of success, and do you consider yourself a successful person?

Oh, yeah, I’m successful, for sure. I am a coach and my success is the results of my students, their words of gratitude. The day I opened Instagram on my birthday and got hundreds of messages congratulating me, that’s success. For me, it’s about people needing it!

Many people start exercising but quit. In your opinion, why does this happen? What should your motivation be, and how do you find the type of physical activity that will work for you?

What motivates you to brush your teeth? Knowing that your teeth will be clean if you brush them. So it is here – there is no better day, no moment, no motivation, no movie, no picture that will brush your teeth.
The main motivation is your bottom line. When you see yourself changing, you don’t need a reason or an excuse.

And they quit or are afraid to start most often because of negative experiences, strict diets, exhausting difficult workouts, and rigid restrictions. So choose a physical activity to your liking, for fun, not necessarily fitness at home – maybe dancing, swimming, biking and more. Try it out, look for your coach, your mentor. And come to my account for free workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Let’s be friends!

Author: Tatyana Zaitseva

Photo: Nigina Klinova

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