Family values and business: Italian culture of GGAGENCY


A special Italian lifestyle is manifested itself in everything, including business. And the phrase “Made in Italy” has become a kind of symbiosis of high quality and values that brands represent.

Perfectionism, but at the same time ease of life, family approach and respect for traditions – this is the secret recipe for success. The areas of the so-called four “A” have received a special growth in Italy, because these lines of business, as well as delicious wine, only get better over the years:

  • light industry, fashion – Abbigliamento
  • mechanical engineering – Automobili
  • interior design – Arredamento
  • food industry – Agroalimentare.

The development of design began in the era of Ancient Rome, whose architecture still adorns Italian cities. Italians are innovators, so every year new products were introduced here, which immediately became trendy all over the world.

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Gianfranco and Andrea Laccisaglia

The GGAGENCY has united the best Italian factories and has been leaders in the field of interior design for 11 years. The founder Gianfranco Laccisaglia was personally involved in the selection of factories, which are now officially represented both in Ukraine and in European countries.

“All our factories are of a high standard, both in terms of product and execution, quality,” – notes Gianfranco Laccisaglia.

Major players in the world of interior design

The factories represented by GGAGENCY are chosen by renowned architects and designers. For example, the Italian furniture company Rimadesio, where the concept lies in the functionality, simplicity and aesthetics of the elements.

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Or the elite factory MisuraEmme – a leader in creating fashionable interiors, where the foundation is the individuality of everyone. 

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GGAGENCY also collaborates with the company Zanotta, which became prominent representatives of innovative design in the 1960s and 80s. By the way, it was up to them who in 1968 put on the market a pear-shaped chair called Sacco  (ital. – “bag”). The model has become very popular with the hippie generation, and is in great demand in the world now. Among the factories of GGAGENCY are the handicraft company of kitchen Zampieri, manufacturers of outdoor furniture Ethimo, luxury indoor and outdoor furniture Exteta, the production of best Italian carpets  Carpet Edition, high-quality bathroom furnitures Casabath , minimal lighting company Davide Groppi and others.

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In Italy, where the culture of family values is deeply developed, the top management of the company can be compared to wise parents. Therefore, Gianfranco always chooses factories that are passed on from generation to generation. In addition, the son of Gianfranco, Andrea Laccisaglia, also joined the management of GGAGENCY.

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Little Italy in Ukraine 

It is noteworthy that Ukraine has become the main market for the implementation of the most unusual business ideas in the field of interior design. GGAgency is a link between factories, showrooms and desiners.

Ukrainian customers love and appreciate high-level Italian production while industry leaders can satisfy any customer’s wish.

“Our company works with 10 factories, these are the main players that are considered the largest and best on the market of Italian furniture. For salons, it is a priority that we work directly with factories and provide the best service and product information. In addition, the product range of our factories covers almost all areas of a modern house or apartment, to live as better Italian lifestyle,” – Andrea Laccisaglia.

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In terms of style, all the companies have something in common with each other. Some work only with wood, while Rimadesio, for example, specializes more in glass and aluminum. But all brands produce an up-to-date product, in modern style. It’s minimalism and clear lines.

Both in the fashion world and in the furniture industry, new items appear every year, the trends of which are dictated, of course, by Italy. Therefore, GGAgency is a permanent participant in the largest international exhibition Salone del Mobile.Milano. Factories exhibit new products, company representatives meet with customers from all over the world, conduct a tour and tell all the details of production.

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Davide Groppi


Unlike most businesses, the furniture world has had a big run-out during the pandemic. This is due to the fact that most people spent a lot of time at home, began to make their space more rationally. It has become important for everyone to feel more comfortable, to separate recreation and work areas, to make a space where, despite restrictions and stress, one can draw energy in coziness and comfort.

“Families have given much more importance to the quality of life in the internal and external domestic environment, making the most of all  spaces with a high quality level of furniture for everyday life, where before not everyone had regard being able to always go out and above all travel,” – Andrea Laccisaglia.

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Photo: brand press services 

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